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Welcome to my blog! I truly hope these birth stories bless you as much as they did me while I was documenting them. I'd love for you to stay awhile and perhaps leave a comment while you're at it. Have a lovely day!

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Ever since we had our son we have wanted more children. I’m not kidding. The moment we came home from the hospital I knew I wanted more babies and I wanted them soon. So very shortly after our sons birth we began trying. We were happy new parents who were on such a high and […]

Baby Jack was born on a glorious Sunday morning. I say that not just because I think every Sunday is glorious, but because on this Sunday the light was entering the room perfectly & right after he made his arrival I was headed off to capture a military homecoming. That Sunday was filled with so […]

When I saw those two pink lines in October of 2014 I knew three things. I knew I’d have a ten pound baby, that I’d be full term when I gave birth and that I would have a c-section. I wasn’t wrong about any of it. On June 13th I was 2 days away from […]