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Thank you so much for your interest in having Elizabeth Diane document your memories. A portrait session investment begins at $325 and birth stories begin at $750. All sessions include digital files with a print release. Please contact Elizabeth Diane for a complete product and pricing guide or to set up a free consultation. Payment plans are available. 

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Birth is a very raw, emotional and amazing time. The experience is also very intense and all consuming. By having a photographer present not only can your partner, family & friends be more helpful to you, but they can also be more fully present in the experience itself. You as the mother often times cannot see all that is happening because you are so focused on the task at hand. I am able to carefully document each step of the way, an heirloom you will treasure for a lifetime.

What is the benefit to hiring a birth photographer?

When should I book my session?

It’s never too early to book, but most mothers wait until their doctor has confirmed the pregnancy or when they hit the 12-week mark. I would suggest booking before your 20-week appointment in case you are wanting to do a gender reveal. I would be happy to capture that moment for you as well and it is included in the full birth experience package.

When do you come and how long do you stay after the baby arrives?

Please notify me as soon as you believe you might be in labor. From there, I ask that you keep me updated. I know there are false alarms but at some point it will be the real thing and I want to be ready! 2am or 2pm, please do not hesitate to call or text with updates. From there I plan to arrive at the hospital once you’re in active labor or 7 centimeters. Depending on how quickly your labor is progressing, I might come sooner than 7, but rarely later. After baby is born I stay up to 2 hours to photograph little fingers and toes, breastfeeding (if applicable), and immediate family members with baby. In all I usually spend 4-8 hours at each birth but every birth is different.

Do you photograph “everything”?

This is a very common concern with mothers and, for the most part, yes I do photograph everything. Being a modest and godly woman myself, I understand this concern but birth is beautiful and uncensored and every image tells a story. While as I will photograph what I see and what is special to your birth, it doesn’t go on the Internet. I will post some images, but I never post images that compromise mom’s privacy. You will receive the sensitive images and can delete them if you’d like but just know that they stay between the two of us.

How far will you travel?

As long as I’m informed I will document births in Palm Springs, Redlands and Yucca Valley, but Twentynine Palms base naval is my primary hospital. There will be a small fee incurred to travel past Yucca Valley.

What if I have a cesarean birth?

If you end up giving birth via c-section, I will go into the OR with permission from your care provider. If I am not allowed in the OR, I will continue photographing as soon as you and the baby come back to the room and continue documenting as normal.

How long are you on call?

I am on call beginning 3 weeks before your due date and will remain on call until the baby is born. You will get two phone numbers to get in touch with me. I am available day or night. If you go into labor before I am on call, I will do my absolute best to be there.

How many images will I receive?

Every birth is different but typically 100+ images. You will receive a combination of black & white and color images given via an online downloadable gallery with a print release.

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